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Quotes I will forever be thankful to Gracie, for all her help, guidance, reassurance, and dedication during my son's birth. She had wonderful ideas and information to share during our prenatal visits, which really helped my husband and I prepare. We worked on massage, breathing, and movement, all keys aspects that were essential to experiencing the labor I had dreamed of. Her involvement during the labor process was exactly what I needed and had hoped for, she was hands-on but without being pushy, and helpful without being intrusive. She really helped my husband and I cope with the different stages of labor, giving us ideas, keeping us focused, hydrated, and fed, all the while maintaining the calm environment I had envisioned. And she was right there to help guide me through my first nursing session. Beautiful. Gracie is truly a wonderful woman and a fabulous doula. Quotes
Brigid Morales

Quotes At first I didn't know what to think of the whole "doula" thing. After having Gracie at our side during my wife's birth however I can honestly say I would never want to go through a birth without one, and Gracie is AMAZING. For me, the most important thing about Gracie was how much she CARED. Her commitment level was absolutely incredible. Labor lasted 30 hours, and Gracie was there the whole time, totally focused on making my wife comfortable and helping move the process along. Women remember births very intensely, and studies show that the birth experience can really impact the emotional health and connection b/w both mom and baby for months down the line. Gracie made an extremely difficult and painful birth far easier. I've hired lots of people for lots of things: CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents. I've NEVER seen someone as committed to providing top-level service and genuinely caring about clients as people as Gracie. She is a model we would all do well to emulate. Quotes
David Scoggins
A Husband's Perspective

Quotes Gracie calms a busy birth room. She has the kind of personality that enhances the best qualities in others. I know that I can refer clients to her and feel secure that they are in the best of hands. Quotes
Chelsea Shure
Doula, Childbirth Educator, Int'l Cesarean Awareness ch. leader

Quotes After a rough experience with the birth of our first child, I was feeling apprehensive about how to approach the labor and delivery of our second. Working with Gracie was extremely helpful in a few ways: 1) Talking with her helped me clarify what my hopes were for this birth. I found it comforting that Gracie has been through three very different experiences of labor with her own children and has assisted women who've made a range of choices in how to approach labor. I never felt judged for talking through my fears and how I wanted to try to address them in labor. 2) Being in conversation with Gracie gave my husband and me reminders to practice working together to prepare for how we wanted to labor. 3) On the big day, Gracie was able to work seamlessly with me, my husband, our midwife and nurse to support me in what ended up being an intense, short, and triumphant birth! She was able to play a strong supporting role while working harmoniously with the other key players on our team. Quotes
Charissa P.

Quotes Having Gracie attend my birth was one of the best decisions I could have made. I knew nothing about doulas when I got pregnant, but I can?t imagine now having to have gone through labor without Gracie being present. My delivery turned out to be so much more complicated and difficult than I could have known going into it. Gracie helped keep me calm, focused, and comforted even when things seem to spin out of my control and deviate greatly from the birth I had envisioned. She was totally professional, while also showing great compassion and understanding. Gracie?s passion for helping women through labor could not be more evident. I have never seen someone with more dedication and focus. I am so grateful she was a part of bringing my daughter into the world and would strongly encourage any woman to invite her to be a part of their own birth story! Quotes
Amanda Scoggins

Quotes Gracie helped me achieve a wonderful birth experience. Everything was so natural and smooth and completely under control with her around. I was originally from China and have to face a very different medical and culture system. While with Gracie's help, I have no worry over them and could instead focus on how to achieve a natural birth. She helped me to work out a detailed natural birth plan together. So later, I was able to wait until the perfect time to go to hospital. There, Gracie helped me with trying various positions and guided my husband to cooperate with me. She is so patient and gracious that I feel very peaceful when contractions become stronger, and her concentration on deep breathing just helped me overcome every single contraction during the last stage. I still remember her saying "Now is the most difficult time, your baby will be coming soon," that has given me so much hope to cope with that hardest moment. This is a miracle to me. Thanks Gracie, you are my angel! Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I would never have thought that labor would EVER be associated with the word "enjoyable"!! Because of Gracie's help, training and the reading material she provided me with, my labor was more peaceful than the drug-induced labor that I experienced with my first son. She helped me to stay in control & on top of the contractions, helping me to relax and breath. Because I had back labor, she helped me into comfortable positions and applied acupressure to help relieve the pain of each contraction. She was never pushy or tried to pressure me into doing something I didn't want to do but was very encouraging & knowledgeable. I cannot express how awesome this whole experience was & I can't wait to do it again! Thank you, Gracie!! Quotes
Chalene Baird
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Gracie was patient with me, and took the time to listen to my fears and uncertainties pertaining to labor and delivery. Labor and delivery can seem quite intimidating, but one of the first things Gracie said was, "We'll handle one contraction at a time," and we did just that. She had a lot of wonderful ideas that would serve to make my experience more enjoyable, but she was graceful in not forcing her ideas upon us. I also appreciated her guidance in showing my husband how to support me in more effective ways. When complications arose during my delivery, she helped me focus on my breathing, assuring me that we would do what was best for the baby. I am so glad Gracie was there with me through the birth of my son. She is my angel. Quotes
Sheridan Richards
Gracie is Angel